The little things some healthcare practices do that make a big difference

There is a local medical practice in my town that does an excellent job with the “little things” — and these personal touches ensure that I am always thinking about this practice and telling others about it.

Here are some examples:

1. After my first visit, they sent me a nice letter thanking me for placing my trust in them.

2. When I referred my father-in-law to see them, they sent me a very nice letter thanking me for the referral.

3. They send some updates about their practice and about trends in my specific health issue to me by mail. These updates are useful and educational to me, and I enjoy reading about them.

4. When I call their office, the office staff is not only extremely professional and friendly (an attribute that is not as common as it should be), but they also seem quite proud to work for this practice. When I asked if a particular physician was known for a certain procedure, they enthusiastically told me about this physician’s reputation and some of his credentials and achievements.

5. One of the physicians in the practice is very visible in the community. He serves on some non-profit boards, and is featured in the local paper frequently — whether about his community service or his advice on certain health issues.

Of course, it helps that this practice has fantastic credentials and a record of excellent quality. But those little, personal touches go a long way, too.


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